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"I met Nola in Thailand a few years ago, and was soon to notice her creative spirit - from hula dancing, to yoga to jewelry making. She embodies these gifts without ego, arrogance or judgment; she is a kind and gentle soul, with an air of quiet and calm, fun, lightness and joy, and a deep deep streak of humor.

Nola has great passion for her arts and the creation of the divine dance; her expression of spirit is wonderful and flowing. Nola's experience also encompasses yoga, asana, Mystical Dance and personal growth work, and she brings these elements together in all levels of her teaching and person. I can only encourage and support Nola on her journey into the Divine, and can recommend anyone and everyone to her classes."

Matthew Sweeney ~ Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

The raw cacao ceremony with Nolita was one of the highlights of the retreat for my teacher training students. Many wrote to me that the ceremony helped deepen their relationships to themselves and to each other, and I too had a wonderful time with the 5 elements dance through which Nolita gently and effectively led our group.

Shy Sayar ~ Director of Tantravaya Yoga


I am sore this morning from dancing in a cacao ceremony last night like I have never danced before. What in the world did I drink and when can I get some more? Thank-you Nolita Ananda

Phyllis Rawley ~ Founder Goddess University


The Raw Cacao ceremony at the Nita Lake Luna Festival in Whistler, BC was pure enchantment and done with beautiful intent and integrity.   In a circle at the beginning, the divinity dance powerfully invoked the sacred nature of the ceremony and encouraged us to see the divinity in each other and ourselves. After, we focused on gratitude and healing and everyone present was invited to speak what they wished to welcome into their lives, what they wished to let go of, and we all made a dedication. Dancing to DJ Chili Thom was both a bit wild and sweet and well led vocally by Nola. People opened their hearts and we really connected with each other at a deep level. So liberating and beautiful. At the end we melted in bliss as the lovely Tina Pashamati James offered a wonderful gong soundbath for us all.  Such a divine blessing.

Cheryl Gissing, ila international trainer


Thank you Nolita for this amazing Divine Dance i had with you! You made our group of blossoming women become in a few days these amazing goddesses, empowered and filled with Love of their femininity. I would not have wish anything else for myself and come out of these few days grateful for these sublime connection I experienced, moving, shaking, grooving but also profound and subtle exchanges that can not be describe... Blessings and Love on your dancing path!!

Marie ~ Aromatherapist ~ Paris


Thank you Nolita for sharing your wonderful and enchanting raw cacao nectar! I love the hint of spiciness and touch of sweetness in your recipe, it was devinely delicous! This was my first Raw Cacao Ceremony. The Dance, the sharing and exchange of energy with everyone tonight was a rare and precious opportunity. The bond that our group tonight experienced will forever be impenetrable. I left this evening with a feeling of pure positivity, hope, love and connection to my body and spirit. So greatful to have met you, I look forward to learning even more from you.

Amelia Rachlin ~ Whistler, BC


Hoop classes with Nola are not just about learning hoop tricks, it goes way deeper. Besides the fact I couldn't even keep a hoop on my hips before my first lesson, and i can now do so much more than i ever thought i could with a hoop. I have picked up a new lifelong hobby i can take with me on my travels. I love the fact it has reached out to my inner child and ignited a playfulness i have longed for. Nola herself is a soul you are drawn to and intrigued by, she is mesmerising to watch with her hoop, and is an encouraging supportive teacher. From these hoop classes I have learned so much about myself and am forever grateful to Nola for this. And again, thank-you so much for introducing me to the crazy addictive hooping world! Libby.xx

Libby Attard ~ Whistler, BC


Thank you Nolita for leading this incredibly beautiful workshop! It brought me back my lost inner goddess and ability to feel open and trustful. After this workshop I don't want to hide my feminine sides anymore, but to embrace them and show them. I learned to dance and hoop in the same time and loose myself in the momentum, and I love it! Thank you Nolita and thank you to my amazing goddes sisters! Love and light!

Marjo Salervo ~ Finland


Beautiful, talented Nolita, just once I had the privilege to be in one of your lessons and it was a beautiful and intense experience for me, I wish I could have had the insight when you first invited me to feel how much can be shared and learn from a group of sisters united by something as magical as sacred dances especially when lead by someone like you and Andrea.

Angelica Moreno Medina, Mexico


The Mystical Divinity Dance workshop was so wonderful! From Sufi Whirling to the Goddess Dance, to transforming into the elements - earth, air, fire, water, and the mysterious ether - we took a trip across the universe. The Raw Cacao ceremony was a divine dive into the magical realm of cacao - who knew you could feel that way after drinking raw cacao?  Everyone should experience it sometime! We discovered the infinite nature of the divine feminine.  It has opened my soul and body to new levels of inner peace. Thank you and Namaste.

Aisling Woods, Whistler, BC


The cacao ceremony was beyond my expatations.  I dedicated the dance to the spirits of my parents...  In savasana they came to me so clearly and affirmed their imperfections, but more than that they showed me in a visual way that I was indeed concieved in love and completed a triangle of love and enjoyment of life and mostly the company of each other.  It was a deep healing for me.  Thank-you, Nolita.

Terri Zacanti ~ Montezuma, Costa Rica


This was TRULY something special. In one class, one short hour, I felt a genuine connection to the other 4 woman in the shared space and more confident and loving towards myself. This class took me out of my comfort level with laughter, acceptance and joy. Thank you to the graceful and generous Nolita!!!

Misty Misener ~ Whistler, BC


Thank you Nola for sharing your lovely goddess energy with all of us. It was powerful yet very sweet. I look forward to more beautiful Divinity Dance workshops. ❤

Jazmin Perez, Vancouver BC

Nola creates a space where you feel guided, accepted, eager to embrace your body, and let your soul shine through. When i took her class, I felt her feminine warmth and passion for dance inspired me to go beyond my self limitations and allow my inner grace to flow. We explored different techniques and styles of dance. I look forward to our next divine experience!

Slavica Kostovski ~ Photographer at LuminiSK.com


Exactly what I needed when I didn't even know it.  It freed all my energy and made me feel light.  Felt so much love.  Love Emma. (Raw Cacao Ceremony & Five Elements Dance)

Emma ~ Montezuma, Costa Rica 


Your workshop was SO MUCH FUN! I loved it!  Not only is hooping fun, but I have real problems in my digestion area and I felt light and amazing and like things were free of a lot more energy in that area.

Andrea Stumpf, USA


I am lucky to have had the opportunity to train with Nola in Mystical Dance and learn some hooping. Her fiery spirit and enthusiasm shines brightly and delights all in her presence. Her calm, clear and attentive instruction make learning new hoop tricks or dance moves easy and joyful. I look forward to learning more from Nola, her presence is truly a blessing and her hoop skills are fantastic!! If you take the opportunity to participate in any of her offerings, you will be giving yourself a real treat.

Caitlin Perry, Canada


Thank u Nolita Ananda for a blissful three day workshop of hoopdance, belly dance and connecting with the goodess sisters. I had a wonderful time sharing and healing time with lots of love and sparkling moments, you did a great job!!!

Jane Diaz

Thank you for offering the Divinity Dance workshop in Jaco, Costa Rica, and the chance to connect with my own feminine energy as well as the other beautiful women that attended. It felt wonderful to let my body move with your fun music. The sparkles and bindis were a special touch that helped get us all feeling like goddesses and ready to move.

Adrianna Peters, Yoga Teacher


"Nolita Ananda always leaves her audiences wanting more.  A true boost to any festival program." 

Michael Crowley ~ Program Director, "Tablelands Folk Festival" Australia


Nolita Ananda once again came out on top of this category as Whistler’s leading Esthetician. The former Farfalla Hair & Esthetics employee was the go-to-gal for everything estheticial. She did facials, manicures, pedicures, tinting, massages, waxing, and over her three years developed a very loyal clientele base in the Sea to Sky corridor.

So where is Nola these days?

She’s pursuing her wanderlust in South East Asia for four months, with plans to return back to Whistler in the New Year. And her presence is already missed. One loyal client even went as far as to say, “I am sad everyday that she isn’t here,” while voting for her.

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