Raw Cacao Ceremonies & Five Elements Dance

A playful and powerful encounter with spirit in a sacred space...


Cacao, also known as Raw Chocolate, is a sacred plant medicine that is celebrated as the food of the gods and has been used in Shamanic ceremonies by the natives of Central and South America for thousands of years. Raw cacao is considered a superfood and is the highest source of magnesium on the planet. It also contains a so-called "bliss chemical;" anandamide, which works with our heart's ability to expand, supports emotional clearing, and deepens our connection with self and with life. It is believed that the spirit of cacao has the power to reveal and unlock the secrets of the soul, bringing forth our ultimate truth in a loving way that is immediate and lasting.

A cacao elixir is prepared for the ceremony using a delicious concoction of raw, vegan, and organic ingredients, all of which you can find at your local health food store. They alll have an expanding, energizing, and uplifting effect on the body, mind and spirit.

Using the euphoric powers of raw cacao, dancers are guided through a transformative Shamanic dance journey through the five elements.

The dance journey begins with the element of Earth: the rhythm of the Great Mother. Tribal or reggae music is used to connect to the Earth element, in acknowledgement of our ancestors that came before us.

Dancers then move to the Water element, where we store our emotions and our sexual energy. Using fluid movements, we move slowly and gracefully as we sway about the room, exploring our connection to self and others.

Next is the wild, powerful, and unpredictable element of Fire. Fire element burns, churns, flies high, and jumps around. We dance passionately to Latin and electronic beats as we burn anything out of our bodies that no longer serves us.  

Hearts will melt in transition to the soft, sweet element of Air.  Like leaves blowing gently in the wind we dance in deepest reverence to the elements and our ancestors.

Finally Ether. In Tibetan Buddhism, Ether is defined as the regions of space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere: the Heavens.  Movements slow down to a gentle purr and make our way to our final rest in Savasana. Here, we take a moment to honor and respect the elements we have just danced through. We recognize their beauty, acknowledge their power, and feel the rhythms they hum, crackle, churn, whisper, and vibrate. And we give thanks.

To experience full effects of the Cacao medicine please eat lightly on the day of the ceremony, avoid stimulants such as coffee or alcohol, and fast for a minimum of four hours before we begin.

Ceremonies are two to three hours in duration. They are available on their own or in combination with other workshops. Please contact to host a ceremony or for more details.  If you are a yoga teacher that runs retreats or teacher trainings, please contact Nolita to discuss a collaboration of adding a Raw Cacao Ceremony & Five Elements Dance evening to your event.

Men and Women Welcome

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is the one of the oldest form of spirituality that exists on the Earth. It comes from a time when we remembered we were connected to all things. When we knew the animals were our siblings, and the trees were our elders.  We could hear the voice of the wind and feel the heartbeat of The Earth Mother. Because of this knowingness, we never felt alone. We all took care of each other and took care of our planet.

Somewhere through the ages the wisdom that we are part of everything was lost and we began to feel separate from the source. Fortunately, there have always been teachers who remembered how to live in the old way, and the Shamanic wisdom was passed on orally from teacher to student.

Journeying, ceremony, sacred dance, and pilgrimages to places of power in nature are all essential aspects of Shamanism. Through these techniques the shamanic circle embraces us, unifying our lives with strength, healing, guidance, and love. 

Highlight Cacao Ceremonies hosted by Nolita Ananda

  • Nita Lake Luna Festival in Whistler, BC Canada
  • Whistler Cornucopia Food & Wine Festival with Yogacara Studios, Canada
  • Tantravaya yoga TTC with Shy Sayar at The Sanctuary Resort, Thailand
  • Spark Circus performer's team building ceremony, The Sanctuary Resort, Thailand
  • Rainbow Kids Yoga TTC with Angel & Gopala Yaffa at The Sanctuary Resort, Thailand
  • Pranaforce Yoga TTC with Abria Joseph at The Sanctuary Resort, Thailand
  • Holistic Sexuality Workshop with Fiona Leibowitz & Phyllis Rawley at The Sanctuary Resort, Thailand

Articles by Nolita Ananda

Raw Cacao Ceremony & Five Elements Dance at Nita Lake Luna Festival

Spring Equinox Raw Cacao Ceremony & Five Elements Dance on Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Raw Cacao Ceremony paired with Yoga at Whistler Cornucopia 2014


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Five Elements Side

The Raw Cacao Ceremony at The Nita Lake Luna Festival was pure enchantment...

Cheryl Gissing, ila trainer

Thank you Nolita for sharing your wonderful and enchanting raw cacao nectar! ...

Amelia Rachlin ~ Whistler BC, Canada

The raw cacao ceremony with Nolita was one of the highlights of the retreat for my teacher training students...

Shy Sayar ~ Director Tantravaya Yoga

I am sore this morning from dancing in a cacao ceremony last     night     like I have never danced before...

Phyllis Rawley ~ Goddess University