Mystical Dance

Dancing the divine light with devotion

Touching the profound mysteries and magic of the Divine Feminine energy, Mystical Dance is a sacred space for women to explore the depths of our soul! From that deep seed of profound stillness springs forth infinite forms of expression manifesting through our bodies as blissful and joyous movement. Mystical Dance honours all movement as sacred and Divine. Dance is the energy of life coursing through our bodies and being set free through each unique expression.

Mystical Dance uses classical Tantra as it's foundation for conscious dance movement.  Through Mystical Dance, we dive into the many expressions of the divine using dance, movement exercises and meditation. Practice and movement draws from the philosophy, history and ritual of diverse spiritual paths, using the combination of each dancer's unique expression of these concepts and energies as inspiration for the dance. From dancing the Nature Spirits held sacred by the Native American Indians to dancing the messages of Celtic Gods from Druid folklore, Mystical Dance seeks to connect with all forms of spirituality and dance as a way to commune with our inner truth and infinite nature.

Mystical Dance is a perfect and divine way for women to get together and celebrate femininity.  Nolita can create classes and group rates for special events such as stagette parties and ladies get-togethers.  Please contact Nolita to discuss what you have in mind.

Full Moon Goddess Rituals

The moment of full moon is an auspicious time to pay homage to the Divine Feminine, as it's the time the feminine energy of the earth is at it's fullest. The full moon ritual is a magical time to release of what has been dark or heavy, and transform areas of lack into abundance.

Together we will join in sacred space to honour the great mother, also known as Shakti. In the first part of the workshop we will learn the choreography to the goddess invocation dance, followed by a white Tantric ritual and dance our offerings. All participants for the Full Moon Goddess Ritual are asked to come dressed in all white, with goddess-inspired attire. The colour white has been an important part of full moon rituals for thousands of years. White represents light, clear vision, and contains the vibrations to focus the energy of the ritual towards the intentions we are setting.

Women only please


"Wherever a dancer stands is holy ground" ~ Martha Graham 


Full Moon Goddess Sanctuary

Full Moon Goddess Ritual ~ The Sanctuary Resort, Thailand

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Beautiful, talented Nolita. Just once I had the privilege to be in one of your lessons...

Angelica Moreno Medina, Mexico

Nola creates a space   where  you feel guided, accepted, eager to embrace your body,  and  let your soul shine through...

Slavica Kostovski, Thailand