Ecstatic Hoopdance

A little more attitude, please!!!

Nolita's playful approach to hoopdance makes Hoopdance easy and fun to learn. She focuses her classes on the 'dance' of the hoopdance and using the hoop as a dance partner. Whoever you are as a dancer, regardless of your dance background, your true self shines through, merging body with consciousness. All thoughts of past or future are removed keeping you centered in a spinning circle of presence. The movement becomes a form of meditation uniting your sense of joyful play with the ecstatic divine as it energizes your being with the power of sacred geometric circular patterns.

Benefits of Hoopdance for the body

Hula-hooping is a retro activity that energizes the body, boosts cardiovascular endurance, uplifts mood, increases vitality, enhances libido, improves coordination and balance, speeds weight loss, strengthens abdominals, sculpts thighs, buttocks, and arms all while massaging your internal organs to improve circulation and digestion.

Hoopdance classes and workshops

The hoopdance classes will be divided into body isolation warm-up, hoop conditioning, hoop moves on and off the body, beginner tricks, traditional circus hula, hoopdance, vertical and horizontal planes, transitions, multiple hoops, floor work, hoop jams and hula-hoop meditation exercises. Throughout the classes you will build on your skills and techniques to reach full hoopla expertise. No previous experience necessary. 

Private lessons available via Skype

There is no faster way to propel your hooping skills to the next level than with some one on one time with Nolita Ananda. We are all unique and thus our learning curves, pacing and goals are unique. Private instruction gives you a safe and private space to learn what you need in your own unique way. 

Please contact to arrange a lesson $75/hr

Please note - We do not sell hula-hoops. So rather than emailing to ask where to get them, please joing one of the following facebook groups and ask your local hoop community. These are a great resource for anything hoop related!

Join the Hoop Love Whistler community Facebook group!

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Hoop Jam Love Tribe from Auspicious Hour on Vimeo.

Drone's Eye View of the Haad Yuan Hoopjams!


 Nolita Ananda's promotional hoopdance video featured on

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"We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars, the stars form a circle,

and in the center, we dance." - Rumi ♥

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hoopdance side

Thank you Nola for sharing your lovely goddess energy with all of us...

Jazmin Perez,

Vancouver BC

Hoop classes with  Nola   are not just about learning hoop tricks, it goes way deeper...

Libby Attard,

Whistler, BC