Nolita Ananda

Hailing from Terrace, Northern British Columbia, Canada; home of the Kermode Bear, the only albino black bear in the world – Nolita found her appreciation for natural beauty, serenity and bliss while growing up amongst the forests, ocean and mountains. Just as the Kermode Bear is a rare gem of this area, so too is Nolita a rare and unique creature of this world. Her love of dance, joy of movement through hoopdance and yoga, eye for natural beauty and desire to share makes her a shining performer, divine dancer and profound teacher. Nolita, also known as Nola, is an ecstatic movement leader and views life as a celebration and fertile ground for fun. 



Hoop Star

Nolita’s love affair with music and movement has been with her all her life. As a child she loved to dance and lip-sync to Madonna and Cyndi Lauper. Growing up she was involved in jazz, modern dance, tap dance and figure skating, yet it all took a new turn seven years ago when her niece bought her a hula-hoop for her birthday. The gift indeed sparked the birth of a new passion. Since then Nolita has sought after numerous hoop teachers and logged countless hours of self-exploration and practice with hoopdancing.

Running away with a Circus

Fiery and fearless, Nolita traveled to Thailand for the first time in 2007 with her hoop strapped to her backpack. There she continued her journey into hoopdance while spending her days hooping on the beach and spending her nights hula-hoop fire-spinning at the jungle parties. Recognizing her passion and natural talents, she was quickly spotted by members of SPARK! circus and was asked to join them.

SPARK! is a group of spectacular international volunteer circus performers who come together to bring joy to groups of disadvantaged children in refugee camps, migrant schools, hospitals and orphanages along the Thai Burmese border. As any Sagittarian Fire Dragon would do, two days later she had “run away with the circus!” With funds raised from performing on the Thai islands, Spark Circus makes toys and props for Burmese children in refugee schools in Mae Sot, Thailand. Nolita traveled with the circus to the schools to teach the children circus skills and perform huge fires show for the children when the sun went down. Since then she has spent six seasons performing and fundraising for Spark Circus with the Sanctuary Resort on Koh Phangan. For more information on the circus, to become a volunteer, or to make a donation please visit the official website of Spark Circus.

Read Nolita's blog from the Spark Circus 2014 tour of Koh Phangan, Thailand here 


Nolita Ananda hoopdance video at Lake Powell, Arizona

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Nolita attended and volunteered on the infamous month long hula-hoop retreat, Sacred Circularities, in Bali, Indonesia in 2014. She spent the full month immerersing herself totally into hoopdance and took workshops with Beth Lavinder, Brecken Rivera, Julia Hartsell, Kenna Hoops, Shakti Sunfire, Tiana Zoumer, Anah Reichenbach aka hoopalicious, Gail O'Brian, Tammy FireFly, Marria Grace and Zack Fischer aka Ninja Hoops.  She also performed weekly at the Sacred Circularities Tribal Marketplace fashion show and performance showcase community event.

Passionate about using the hoop as a form of meditation and a tool to connect body with consciousness, Nolita has created 'Ecstatic Hoopdance' and extraodinary dance class uniting joyful play with ecstatic divine. She teaches weekly classes on Thursdays at The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Nolita has performed fire and LED hoopdance in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Costa Rica and Canada. Some hightlight performances include Squamish Valley Music Festival and New Years Celebrations in Whistler Village. She has taught hoopdance classes through various yoga studios such as the  Sanctuary Resort and Agama Yoga School in Thailand. She is available for private hoop classes and performance opportunities. 

See Nolita's blog from performing at Squamish Valley Music Festival 2014 here


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Mystical Dancer

In 2012 Nolita dove deeper into the dance by attending a six-week Mystical Dance Teacher Training (MDTTC) with Monika Nataraj in at the Agama Yoga headquarters on Koh Phangan, Thailand, where she became a certified Mystical Dance teacher.  Mysical Dance is a sacred space for women to awaken their Divine Feminine energy through various forms of movement, meditation and ritual.  Nolita has taught classes and workshops in Thailand, Costa Rica, and Canada. She hosts monthy full moon rituals at The Sanctuary Resort in Thailand.

Chocolate Shaman

Nolita unites her yoga experience with her ritualistic Mystical Dance training and blends in the experiences of her extended travels through Central and South America to create a unique healing journey through music, dance, and sacred cacao medicine.  


Raw Cacao Ceremony & Five Elements Dance Mini-Documentary


Nolita has offered her Cacao ceremonies in Thailand, Costa Rica, Australia and Canada. During the Nita Lake Luna Festival; the  spirituality festival in Whistler, BC, Nolita had the honour of hosting the Sacred  Cacao Ceremony & Five Elements dance main event on Saturday night. 

Nolita also hosted a Raw Cacao Ceremony paired with yoga during Whistler's annual Cornucopia food and wine festival in November, 2014.  Read Nolita's article on Whistler Cornucopia here

Nolita offers Sacred Cacao Dance ceremonies every second Friday at The Sanctuary Resort, Thailand


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Devoted Yogini

To become a RYS certified teacher, Nolita took part in the Jungleyoga Teacher Training Course in Thailand in January 2009. Shortly after the TTC, her teacher, Randall O’Leary, invited her to assist him and took her on as an apprentice teacher on the Jungleyoga teacher training team. This experience became an incredible space for Nolita to expand and grow, continue studying the yogic path, and deepen her yoga practice. The experience had a profound impact on her becoming the teacher she is today.

It was on Haad Tien beach on Koh Phangan, a place she's called 'home' for the last seven years, where she found a love for Mysore style Ashtanga Yoga. She spent her days practicing on a beautiful platform over the ocean, under teachers Arne Espejel, Dave Ridgeway, Kristin Berg and S. Mitchell Gold. Her passion for Ashtanga Yoga took her to Brazil in 2011 seeking out Mysore teachers. She was blessed to find two incredible teachers: Matthew Vollmer in Rio de Janeiro and Ana Claudia Lopez in Florianopolis, Santa Caterina. Nolita returned to Thailand shortly thereafter to study under her close friend and world renowned Ashtanga Teacher, Matthew Sweeney, during a one month Ashtanga intensive.  Nolita has also studied ashtanga with Danny Paradise and Pashumati Tina James in Whistler, BC.

With a love for the yogic path of Tantra, the path of seeing everything in this world as an expression of the Divine, Nolita studied with Muktananda & Justine Baruch; Senior teachers of Agama Yoga School in Thailand, completing their Tantra One, Tantra Two, and Tantric Rituals courses.  She has also taken Tantra workshops with Shashi Solluna, Andrew Fretwell, and Monika Nataraj.

Nolita has visited the Sri Santosh Puri Ashram in Haridwar, India. The Ayurvedic ashram is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas and along the banks of the Ganga River: the sacred river of India that is worshiped as a goddess. During her extended stays she would surrender to the disciplines of ashram living while studying Ayurveda, the ancient healing techniques of most Eastern yogis. She studied ancient yogic texts such as the Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. It was in this beautiful ashram where she studied the painting of planetary yantras and since then has developed this as a practice of personal meditation.



Nolita painting planetary yantras and drinking chai in Goa, India


In October 2010, Nolita had the honor of attending His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet's four day teachings at his temple, nestled in the Himalayas in Dharmashala, India. The Dalai Lama's teachings of the week were on the impermanence of all things, and that true happiness lies in non-attachment to the material world.

In February 2014 Nolita attended a ten day silent Buddhist meditation retreat at Suan Mokkh in Thailand.  Nolita followed a strict schedule of silence and meditation for the duration of the retreat to train and cultivate the mind, as well as deepen con­cen­tra­tion, mind­fulness and awareness. Suan Mokkh teaches both vipassana  (insight medi­tation) and anapanasati (mind­ful­ness with breathing).  Read Nolita's blog from the retreat here

With Nolita's twelve years of travelling, and studying with enlightened masters, she has channeled her own divine inspiration to create 'Ananda Vinyasa;' A gentle and sweet style of yoga infused with ashtanga principals of breath and alignment.

Nolita has taught yoga through the Naramata Heritage Inn in Naramata, BC, Nita Lake Lodge, Yama Yoga, Yogacara and Loka Yoga in Whistler, BC, as well as the Blooming Lotus and Sanctuary Resort in Thailand. 


Sacred Femininity/Jade Eggs

Combining her extensive study of Tantra, Shamanism, yogic philosophy, Transforming Cellular Memory and meditation with eight years of personal practice, Nolita has created Jade Egg Initiation Journeys. She hosts sacred femininity workshops guiding women through the history of the Jade Egg and leading them a meditation journey they can then carry on in their own spiritual practice. 

Nolita Ananda is available for Jade Egg private counseling sessions on Koh Phangan, Thailand. She is also available for Skype sessions for those who can't make it to the Thai islands for a session. One-on-one instruction provides you a safe and private space to discover and develop a personal Jade Egg practice in your own unique way. In one session you will learn how to correctly use the Jade Egg, how to cultivate your feminine sexual energy and learn exercises to enhance your sex life, have more powerful orgasms and maintain healthy sexual organs.

Nolita Ananda has a sister company to Dance Yoga Bliss, specific to her Jade Egg clients. For further information on Jade Eggs and to order, please visit Secrets of Jade



Jade Egg Interview between Erotic Coach Christine Janson and Nolita Ananda 


Health & Beauty

Having a keen eye for true beauty, Nolita has spent more than ten years working in the health and beauty industry as an esthetician (beauty therapist) and bodyworker. Professionally trained through the Aveda Institute, in Victoria, British Columbia, she offers a range of beauty therapies focused on making people feel peaceful and divine. With a unique awareness of energies, she also offers various forms of massage including Jade stone massage, and traditional Thai Massage, which she is a certified level three practitioner by Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai in Thailand. Bliss is her passion, and she loves helping clients feel divine all day long.

Nolita is a three time winner of the “Whistler’s Best Esthetician” annual award by Pique Newsmagazine.  She is offering a range of beauty & massage services on Koh Phangan, Thailand.


"Break the rules.   Forgive quickly.   Kiss slowly.    

Love truly.   Laugh uncontrollably.

And never regret anything that made you smile!"