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  • Mystical Dance Full Moon Goddess Ritual in Whistler, BC
  • Ritual of Elements ~ MDTTC Thailand. Divine photo by: Aubrie Woods
  • Nolita Ananda with Spark! Circus at Burmese Refugee School in Northern Thailand
  • "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." Montezuma, Costa Rica ~ Photo by Julia Reinerth
  • Dance until the Dancer Disappears ~Rumi♥ ~ LuminiSK Photography by Slavica Kostovski
  • "We must find the place inside ourselves where nothing is impossible." Deepak Chopra ~ Florianopolis, Brazil
  • Spark Circus ~ Thailand 2013
  • Celebrating the Divine Feminine ~ Divine photo by Aubrie Woods ~ MDTTC
  • Hoopdance Workshop in Whistler, BC


Dance Yoga Bliss

Hoopdance. Movement. Meditation. Ritual.


My name is Nolita Ananda and I am the founder of Dance Yoga Bliss. I am a dancer, a yogini, a teacher, a fire performer, and a healer. My intention for creating Dance Yoga Bliss was to infuse my passion for conscious movement, with my love of ceremony and ritual, and blend in my knowledge of yogic philosophy, classical Tantra, and ancient Eastern healing modalities.  My desire with Dance Yoga Bliss is to help connect people to their true loving nature, to synchronize the divine journey that all of our rhythms beat within, and to have a little fun along the way.

I teach Mystical Dance, Ecstatic Hoopdance, Ananda Vinyasa Yoga as well as host Full Moon Goddess Rituals. I hold sacred femininity workshops and guide women on Jade Egg Initiation Journeys. I also facilitate Shamanic Dance Journeys through the Five Elements combined with Raw Cacao Ceremonies. I offer private sessions, workshops and retreats in dance and yoga in Whistler, BC Canada, Byron Bay, Australia and Koh Phangan, Thailand. 

I am currently on Koh Phangan, Thailand. Contact me for private or group sessions

Thank you for visiting my site.

~Nolita Ananda

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Visit my shop buttonTo my valued Clients:

I have just launched a sister company to Dance Yoga Bliss to cater to my Jade Egg clientele. It has a new information, a new look and feel, but rest assured you are still recieving the same product and service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

~Nolita Ananda

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Nolita Ananda in Elephant Journal

Elephant-Logo-DarkMay is International Masturbation Month!

When I first heard of May being tagged as Masturbation Month, I did what most people I know would do—I giggled, shook my head and brushed it off as some media, internet hook to grab attention. (Though I couldn’t resist clicking the article on my Facebook feed and was quite surprised by what I discovered.)

International Masturbation Month officially began in 1995, after President Bill Clinton unjustly fired U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders for publicly speaking about her beliefs on self-sexual pleasure.

See Elephant Journal for full article by Nolita Ananda!

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hoopworkshop alta-lakeJoin the Hoop LOVE Whistler community Facebook group to connect with Whistler's growing hoop community.  Find classes, events, hoopjams, videos, photos and anything hoop love related. Nolita will be back in Whistler in summer 2015 to run classes and events which are created in this group. Join us and share your radiance here.


 Raw Cacao Ceremony & Five Elements Dance mini-documentary


Hoopdancer Nolita Ananda Fire/LED Dance Yoga Bliss from Nolita Ananda on Vimeo.

 Nolita Ananda's promotional hoopdance video featured on Hooping.org


"Set your life on Fire. Seek only those who will fan your Flames" ~Rumi

Fire at Squamish

Firedancing at Squamish Live with Zynth & Co. Entertainment Dancers

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